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Prescription Purity Sourced From Nature

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Pioneering Prescription Medical Nutrition

Our prescription products work to rebalance and restore metabolic processes that have shifted due to specific problems or through the natural course of aging.
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Meet the founder, directors, and members of the team behind Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Primus is actively seeking new technologies, proprietary ingredients, and product concepts to develop, brand, and distribute.
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Our Company


Primus means "first" in Latin. Primus Pharmaceuticals is the first and only company specializing in prescription medical nutrition. Our prescription products are as effective as the leading synthetic options but have superior safety with fewer side effects.

  • Primus is built on a clinical approach to medical nutrition based on science
  • Each of our product formulations is proven effective by human clinical studies
  • Primus holds itself accountable to the highest purity standards and manufacturing practices to insure consistent quality products every time
  • Because Primus products are prescribed by physicians for specific diseases, patients are assured that our products are administered for optimum health


What Patients Want

Above all, patients want to improve their quality of life. They want medications that are clinically proven safe and effective for the disease from which the patient suffers. Patients want to avoid side effects and adverse interactions with other medications. They prefer medications with pure and natural ingredients that are manufactured to high standards of quality and consistency. Many patients also like to understand how medicine works in their body to improve their health. And, of course, patients want to minimize the cost of care in relation to the health outcome achieved.

What Drug Companies are Offering

Unfortunately, the drug companies of today are meeting few of the patients' needs. Drugs are generally manufactured to high quality standards in facilities that are regularly inspected by the FDA. Drugs must also be proven safe and effective in order to receive approval from the Food & Drug Administration, but this is sometimes a very narrow standard. Many drugs have undesirable side effects, and, in some cases, patients need to take another drug in order to counteract the side effects of the first drug. Further, despite approval by the FDA, many drugs have serious safety concerns, and some blockbuster drugs have ended up being recalled by the FDA due to widespread adverse events among patients using the drugs. The branded drug companies are spending ever-increasing amounts of money on R&D and regulatory compliance in order to create elaborate synthetic compounds that are patentable. However, this huge investment in R&D and regulatory requirements must be recovered via higher and higher prices for patients at the pharmacy counter.

Patients are Trying to Fill the Gap

Patients are frustrated with the growing gap between what they want and what the drug companies are offering. They are becoming more proactive about their health, and they are using the Internet to gain direct access to medical knowledge. Patients are exploring medical nutrition and natural compounds as alternatives to synthetic drugs. They are self-medicating with dietary supplements including herbals, functional foods, and homeopathic products.

The Problem

Most dietary supplements lack clinical proof of safety and effectiveness on the product itself and many lack important warnings related to adverse health effects from overdosing and potentially dangerous drug interactions. Because these medications are self-administered and intended for healthy patients, there is no opportunity for a healthcare professional to monitor and collaborate with the patient and thereby prevent overdosing and drug interactions. In addition, it has been well documented in the press that poor quality control by some manufacturers and suppliers sometimes causes dietary supplements to have impurities and/or significantly weaker or stronger doses of active ingredients than what is shown on the label.

The Solution: Prescription Medical Nutrition

In order to fully meet the needs of today's patients, Primus Pharmaceuticals has developed a line of prescription products which we call prescription medical nutrition. Our products fill the gap between what patients want in a more natural approach and the true need to show that a therapy is safe as well as effective which drug don't necessarily meet. Medical nutrition is the best of both:

  • Clinically proven safe and effective
  • Prescribed by a licensed medical doctor
  • Contain active ingredients concentrated and purified from natural sources
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
Prescribed Purity